Cow Cow Kitchen "Cow Cow Kitchen Milk Pie Pistachio"

"Cow Cow Kitchen Milk Pie Pistachio" for a limited time is on sale from October 6th at the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cow Cow Kitchen. Available at Equia Kitasenju store, Atre Akihabara 1 store, and LUMINE Omiya store. The price is 280 yen for 1 piece and 1,680 yen for 6 pieces (tax included).

Cow Cow Kitchen Milk pie pistachios

A limited-time dessert created by the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory with milk and cheese, which is gaining attention among sweets lovers. The crispy puff pastry is packed with plenty of cream, and you can enjoy the creaminess that overflows when you eat it.

The cream pursues a golden balance with pistachios that enhances the flavor of milk. A rich and flavorful pistachio paste is combined with the cream filled with the commitment of the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, which pursues the original taste of milk by combining mascarpone cheese with fresh cream from Hokkaido. Milk, cheese, pistachio, each richness is a perfect match for now.