"Galaxy Express 999 Label Whiskey / Secret Grain 1976" "Galaxy Express 999 Label Whiskey / Bunnahabhain 1987"

Limited whiskey with "Galaxy Railroad 999" designed on the label on the whiskey specialty site WHISKEY MEW "Galaxy Railroad 999" Label Whiskey / Secret Grain 1976 "" Galaxy Railroad 999 "Label Whiskey / Beech Herbung 1987 Will be sold by lottery from 12:00 noon on October 19th.

Lottery reservations will be accepted from 12:00 on October 19th to 23:59 on October 21st. It will be sold only to the winners. The number of lottery sales is 169 for Secret Grain and 72 for Bunnahabhain.

"Galaxy Express 999" Label Whiskey / Secret Grain 1976

A label-illustrated whiskey with an impressive line of sight from Maetel staring at you from the front. The name of the distillery has not been revealed, but it was built from the already rare traditional continuous still called Cofistil at the "Scottish largest" grain whiskey distillery that closed in 1983. It is a single grain whiskey, and it is a rare one that has been aged for 43 years.

The total number is 257. 700 ml. Aged 43 years. Alcohol content 45.3%. Raw materials are grain and malt. The place of origin is Scotland (UK). The price is 31,350 yen (tax included, same below).

"Galaxy Express 999" Label Whiskey / Bunnahabhain 1987

Label whiskey with mecha and rolling paper that symbolizes Maetel and Reiji World. The Bunnahabhain Distillery, located in the northern part of Islay, has been actively releasing malts with a strong peat scent in recent years, but originally used non-peat malts, and Islay is characterized by a modest peat feeling. This one, which has been matured for 33 years, has the characteristics of Bunnahabhain in a well-balanced manner.

The total number is 142. 700 ml. 33 years of aging. Alcohol content 52.1%. The raw material is malt. The place of origin is Scotland (UK). The price is 69,300 yen.

Galaxy Express 999

A boy, Tetsuro, and a mysterious beauty, Maetel, who travel in search of a mechanical body with their mother's revenge in their chests. Galaxy Express 999, carrying two people, continues its endless journey through space. Various dramas and characters that unfold there, and a number of mysteries that are gradually revealed- "Galaxy Express 999" started serializing in "Weekly Shonen King" in 1977, made into a TV animation in 1978, and the following year The movie version of the anime was released and became a big hit, and it is still a very popular work with enthusiastic fans.