Eggs'n Things "Halloween Trick Pancakes"

All Eggs'n Things and Eggs'n Things Coffee stores will sell "Halloween Trick Pancakes," the most popular Halloween menu to date, from October 15th to October 31st. It will not be sold on takeaway. The price is 1,730 yen (tax included).

Halloween trick pancakes

Sold in October 2018, the most popular Halloween trick pancake of all time, "Halloween Trick Pancake" is back for a limited time. A black pancake kneaded with cocoa is covered with a pumpkin cream with a cute spider pattern and a low sweetness. There is plenty of whipped cream using purple potatoes next to it. Pranks (tricks) from pop and colorful Eggs'n Things are hidden in the pancakes.

Eggs'n Things

Eggs'n Things opens as a casual restaurant in Hawaii. For 47 years from 1974, we have been offering a wonderful Hawaiian breakfast in the best space with the concept of "All Day Breakfast". The breakfast menu, which uses fresh ingredients, has long been loved not only by locals but also by tourists around the world.

Eggs'n Things Pancakes

Eggs'n Things Coffee

A cafe-style store that inherits the world of Eggs'n Things. You can enjoy hearty Hawaiian food such as pancakes and 100% Kona coffee carefully extracted with a French press. There are many light meals such as malasada, bagels, and cereals that are standard in Hawaii, which are perfect for busy mornings (excluding some stores).

Eggs ’n Things Coffee