Calbee "Potato Chips Zigzag Yuzu Fragrant Shichimi"

From the "Potato Chips Jagged" series of thick-sliced potato chips, where you can enjoy the deliciousness of potatoes with the crispy texture of Calbee, a new product "Potato Chips Jagged Yuzu Shichimi" will be released on October 11th. For a limited time. The estimated price is around 120 yen (tax included).

Potato chips zigzag yuzu scented shichimi

"Potato Chips Jagged Yuzu Scented Shichimi" is a limited-time flavor that allows you to enjoy the fluffy scent of yuzu and the stimulus of spicy shichimi. This time, we started the development of "Potato Chips Zigzag" in response to the fact that there were many spicy and snack-type flavors that we would like to eat. From among the many flavors, we selected "Yuzu", which is in season at this time, and added spicy shichimi as an accent to make it a perfect taste for sake snacks.

By using yuzu peel in the powder, you can bring out the authentic scent of yuzu, and by adding the seven flavors of pepper, black sesame, white sesame, chenpi, sansho, aosa, and ginger, you can make it elegant and addictive. Achieve a taste that makes you feel like. A delicate taste with a fluffy yuzu scent and shichimi that irritates the tongue.