Tully's "Vanilla Souffle Cake"

"Vanilla-scented souffle cake" will be released on October 8th from Tully's Coffee. The price is 638 yen (tax included).

Vanilla scented souffle cake

"Vanilla-scented souffle cake" is the first Tully's Coffee original dessert. "Souffle" means "inflated" in French, and has been attracting attention in Japanese cafes in recent years. Arranged to match Tully's Coffee drinks for a wide range of age groups. The most distinctive feature is the unprecedented “fluffy texture” dough. The original souffle dough, which has a softness that melts in your mouth and has a moist feeling, is finished in a simple taste. When you eat a bite, the vanilla flavor spreads softly in your mouth.

Tully's "Vanilla Souffle Cake"

Apple caramel fromage

A limited-time pancake "Apple Caramel Fromage" that is perfect for the coming season is also available. The sweet scent of caramel, the texture of crispy apples, and the refreshing fromage cream weave. The price is 836 yen for a single item and 1,144 yen for a set. To go is possible.

Tully's "Apple Caramel Fromage"