First Kitchen "Sinful Carbonara"

Wendy's First Kitchen and First Kitchen will release the pasta menu "Sinful Carbonara", which is perfect for the fall of appetite and the fall of taste, on October 7th. The price is 790 yen (tax included).

Sinful carbonara

A rich and creamy first kitchen special carbonara that uses luxuriously "Parmigiano Reggiano", which is also called the king of Italian cheese with a aging period of more than one year, is a popular product since its release. is. The immovable and popular carbonara is topped with abundant butter made from 100% domestically produced milk. The melting butter gently wraps the entire pasta, turning it into a richer and richer taste. The taste is just fascinating.

There are four types of seasonal mushrooms added to the ingredients: oyster mushrooms, mushrooms, trumpet mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms. Excellent compatibility with salty bacon. This is a seasonal carbonara that you can enjoy the texture and aroma of mushrooms. In the fall of appetite, why not soak in the ultra-rich carbonara swamp in First Kitchen.