Yoshinoya "Beef Hayashi Rice"

At the Yoshinoya, a new product "Beef Hayashi Rice", which is a marriage of Yoshinoya's delicious beef and traditional Western food, and "Meaty Beef Hayashi Rice" with increased beef will be released on October 7th at 11:00 (excluding some stores). .. To go is also possible.

Beef hayashi rice

Introducing "Beef Hayashi Rice" that goes well with Yoshinoya beef. The special hayashi sauce is a tomato-based sauce that uses dairy products as a secret ingredient. You can taste both sourness and umami.

Yoshinoya "Beef Hayashi Rice"

The richness and freshness of the special hayashi sauce served as a bridge between beef and rice, making it an easy-to-eat taste. The fresh milk that is applied before serving and the beef-derived dairy products used as a secret ingredient match well with the beef, and you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of the Yoshinoya beef. The price is 547 yen for in-store food and drink and 537 yen for To go (tax included).

Meaty beef hayashi rice

"Meat-filled beef hayashi rice" is a product with an increased amount of beef from "beef hayashi rice". Beef and hayashi sauce go well together, and you can fully enjoy the cohesive taste. The price is 657 yen for in-store food and drink and 645 yen for To go (tax included).

Yoshinoya "Meatful Beef Hayashi Rice"