Hotto Motto "Kaki Fry Bento" "Tuna Katsu Bento" "Seafood Mixed Fried Bento"

At each Hotto Motto store, "Kaki Fry Bento," "Maguro Katsushi Bento," and "Seafood Mixed Fried Bento," where you can enjoy fried oysters, fried pork cutlet, and fried shrimp, will be on sale from October 18th.

Kaki fry lunch

Hotto Motto "Kaki Fry Bento"

A bento box where you can enjoy crispy and rich fried oysters with plenty of tartar sauce. Kaki fry is made with a focus on thinning the batter so that you can enjoy the rich flavor of oysters and the crispy texture. As soon as you chew the oyster fry in thin clothes, the scent of rocky shore and the rich umami of oysters spread in your mouth. The mellow acidity of the attached sauce enhances the deliciousness of the oysters. The price is 590 yen (tax included, same below).

Tuna and lunch

Hotto Motto "Tuna and Bento"

A delicious lunch with three "tuna pickles" fried with bread crumbs on "tuna pickles" made by soaking yellowfin tuna fillets in soy sauce, mirin, and sake. Once the tuna is full of flavor, you can enjoy the texture of crispy clothes that is different from fried oysters. The price is 590 yen.

Seafood mixed fried lunch

Hotto Motto "Seafood mixed fried lunch"

For those who want to taste fried oysters and tuna fried, a bento box with 2 fried oysters, 1 tuna and 1 fried shrimp. You can enjoy the difference in texture and taste of the three types of fried seafood. The price is 590 yen.