Seijo Ishii "Tiramisu-style Maritozzo with pure Hokkaido cream"
(The source of the image is Seijo Ishii official website)

Seijo Ishii's "Tiramisu-style Maritozzo with pure Hokkaido cream" was introduced on the official website. A flavor that combines the traditional Italian confectionery Maritozzo with tiramisu, also from Italy.

Tiramisu-style maritozzo with pure Hokkaido cream

The second Maritozzo following the popular "Strawberry Jam Maritozzo" at Seijo Ishii. Pure fresh cream from North Hokkaido (47%) and mascarpone from Hokkaido are used. About 20% of mascarpone was used in the cream so that you can fully enjoy the taste of tiramisu.

In addition, granulated sugar is added instead of white sugar, and the cream is not too sweet and does not spoil the flavor of mascarpone. In addition to this, the homemade brioche dough with fermented butter is kneaded with espresso powder and devised so that you can enjoy a bitter flavor that is a bit different from strawberry jam maritozzo.

While I can't travel abroad as I want, I'm aiming for sweets that make it easy to feel like Italy. Good for breakfast and coffee breaks.