Sankt Gallen "Warashi Weizen"

On October 5th, Sankt Gallen will release "Warashi no Weizen," a beer that utilizes pears that are discarded due to problems with honey disease and scratches on the epidermis. The bottle capacity is 330 ml, and the estimated price is 506 yen (tax included).

Weizen of Japanese pear

"Nectar", which has been a problem for many pear farmers in recent years, is a phenomenon in which the sugar content in the fruit becomes uneven and transparent due to unseasonable weather. When it occurs on pears, it loses its unique texture and cannot be sold to the general public, but it is not a problem for food. In addition, I bought three types of pears from Odawara, which are not for sale as regular products, such as scratches and cracks swayed by the wind and rubbing against branches, and variations in color and shape. I am using it.

Pears with honeydew due to uneven sugar content in the fruit

A beer based on the fruity Weizen style, which uses wheat malt as the main ingredient. Pears are added in three stages: shredded, processed into paste, and processed into juice. There is almost no bitterness peculiar to beer, and it has a fruity taste that tightly traps the sweet aroma and fresh flavor of pears. Alcohol 5.5%.

Sankt Gallen "Warashi Weizen"

Available at directly managed online shops, Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro, Sogo (Yokohama, Omiya), Takashimaya (Osaka, Senboku, Takasaki) and others.