Kappa Sushi Kichijoji Musashiya supervised "Iekei Ramen Abura Soba"

From Kappa Sushi, "Iekei Ramen Abura Soba" supervised by "Kichijoji Musashiya" will be released on October 6th as an extra edition of the authentic ramen series. The price is 420 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

In Kappa Sushi, from June 2018, the "Authentic Ramen Series" supervised by a famous ramen shop has been developed under the concept of "Taste the taste of a famous shop with familiar pa sushi". Cumulative sales up to the 15th edition have finally exceeded 10 million meals (as of September 2021). A blockbuster series of kappa sushi.

Supervised by Musashiya Kichijoji Family abura soba that you mix yourself

This time, I supervised the "7th full-scale ramen series", which was the fastest in the series and exceeded 800,000 meals, and the "Kichijoji Musashiya" suddenly became so popular that it sold derivative products. Moreover, this time, an original abura soba that is not offered by "Kichijoji Musashiya" instead of ramen will appear.

The rich and sharp pork bone and chicken bone-based soup combined with soy sauce is reminiscent of a family, topped with seaweed, spinach, and char siu that are indispensable to the family. Not only that, but the heavenly roses, which are rare as toppings for abura soba. The texture of the crispy roses fried in the store and the moderate oil and saltiness are accented.

In addition, we also have a vinegared rice "chasing". You can enjoy the refreshing feeling of vinegar and the harmony of the rich sauce by mixing it well with a little noodle left. The price is 110 yen.