Koikeya "Sweet and spicy Karamucho Yangnyeom who chicken"

"Sweet and spicy Karamucho Yan Nyomu Dare Chicken" is on sale at convenience stores from Koikeya's "Mucho" brand "Karamucho". Released on October 11th at supermarkets. The price is open.

Sweet and spicy karamucho yangnyeom who chicken

The popular "Sweet and Spicy Karamucho", which was released in February last year, has been redesigned to convey a more sweet and spicy taste, and is now available as a standard product. The rich flavor of the sweet and spicy "Yangnyeom who" and the taste of chicken spread, and it is finished in "sweet and spicy karamucho" that you can not stop eating unintentionally.


Since its launch in 1984, "Karamucho" has been a popular series for its "spicy and delicious" unique to "Karamucho". With the renewal in November 2020, the "Karamucho" brand will be a "spicy" snack that has never been seen before. We are working on the development of new products aiming at ".