Lotteria "Pack from dinner pote"

At Lotteria, the To go limited "Night Rice Pote to Pack" will be on sale from October 7th to November 3rd (excluding some stores). Use coupons after 17:00 each day to get a great deal on "shrimp rice" packs and "excellent rice" packs.

Pack from dinner pote

With the launch of "Shrimp Rice Burger" and "Exquisite Cheese Rice Burger", we are selling "Night Rice Pote to Pack" for a limited time because we want you to feel free to enjoy Japanese-style evening meals even with fast food. When ordering after 17:00, if you show the target coupon on the Lotteria official website at the cash register, you can purchase the "shrimp rice" pack and the "excellent rice" pack at a discounted price of 680 yen each, instead of the regular price of 846 yen each. * Price is 8% tax included

"Shrimp rice" pack

A set of "Shrimp rice burger", "French fries S" and "Chicken fried chicken (3 pieces)". "Shrimp rice burger" has a special tartar sauce and cabbage on top of the crispy shrimp patty, and a special sardine sauce with an exquisite balance of richness and umami underneath, mustard with a spicy spiciness, and crispy food. It is sandwiched with rice buns that are made with 100% domestic Koshihikari and cooked in a kettle with a sensation of grilled seaweed, and the inside is plump and the outside is crispy and fragrant.

Lotteria "shrimp rice" pack

"Exquisite rice" pack

A set of "excellent cheese rice burger", "French fries S", and "chicken fried chicken (3 bottles)". "Exquisite Cheese Rice Burger" is an exquisite cheese hamburger patty that is made by coarsely grinding beef to a maximum of about 8 mm, seasoning it with salt, pepper, and oregano, and baking it with two types of natural cheese. Combined with rice buns and sandwiched with crispy grilled seaweed.

Lotteria "excellent rice" pack