Poppo "French fries"

A series that introduces "secret masterpieces". 96 items are "French fries" of "Poppo" in Ito-Yokado. It is a popular item at a reasonable price and volume.

"Poppo" in Ito-Yokado is a fast food restaurant that offers delicious menus such as ramen, takoyaki, Imagawayaki, soft serve ice cream, okonomiyaki, and potatoes. Located in the food court.

French fries

"French fries" is a dish that you can enjoy the moderate saltiness and the crispy taste of freshly fried potatoes. You can enjoy affordable price and volume. French fries are 5 sizes. From "S potatoes" that are just right with meals to "DX (deluxe) potatoes" that are very satisfying to eat together. The price is 130 yen for S size, 160 yen for M size, 200 yen for L size, 250 yen for LL size, and 350 yen for DX (tax included, same below). I bought M size this time.

The saltiness is strong and the potatoes are relieved! There is also a slightly soft part, which is even more delicious! French fries that make you feel a little nostalgic. This volume is very satisfying at this price! In addition, a new "Nori salt" flavor has also appeared. The price is 250 yen for L size and 400 yen for DX size.

Poppo "French fries"

Poppo is also recommended for taking out, so it is recommended to stop by after shopping. It is also recommended as a snack for children and as a snack for sake!