Matsunoya "fried chicken bowl" "heaped fried chicken bowl"

"Karaage Don" and "Heap of Karaage Don" will be on sale at 15:00 on September 22nd at Matsunoya Matsunoya (excluding high-speed PA stores). At the same time, the "30% point return campaign" for Matsuben points will be held for one week from September 22nd to September 29th.

Fried rice bowl

Heaping fried chicken bowl

Introducing "Karaage Don" with the popular "Authentic Karaage" on top of Dawn. Authentic fried chicken is carefully soaked in a special kneading sauce using ginger, garlic, and chicken soup and fried crispy and juicy.

"Addictive sesame soy sauce", which is characterized by the fragrant aroma of sesame and soy sauce, is a gentle seasoning with a soup stock that enhances the taste of the ingredients. The garnish is a colorful and refreshing pickle, which is a supporting role that enhances the taste of the entire bowl. You can enjoy the harmony of fried chicken and sesame soy sauce with other rice.

Matsunoya "fried chicken bowl" "heaped fried chicken bowl"

The price is 590 yen for 4 fried chicken bowls and 850 yen for 7 fried chicken bowls (the same tax-included price in the store and for take-out). If you want to take it home, you can purchase miso soup separately for 60 yen.

Matsuben points "30% point return campaign"

During the period from 15:00 on September 22nd to 15:00 on September 29th, if you order "Karaage Don" on the lunch box WEB reservation site "Matsuben Net" by specifying the receiving time, Matsuben points are usually 10%. 30% reduction at the reduction. 3 points will be added for every 10 yen purchased. Points can be used in units of 10 points for 1 point = 1 yen when ordering Matsuben Net, Matsuben Delivery, and mobile orders.

"30% point return campaign" of Matsuben points

* The date and time of the campaign is based on the date and time of receipt.
* Matsuben delivery is also eligible for this campaign.
* Mobile orders are not eligible for this campaign and will be returned with the usual 10% points.