Sushiro "Seafood Chirashizushi" "Natural prawn sushi"

From September 8th, Sushiro will sell "Seafood Chirashizushi", which is a colorful arrangement of popular ingredients, for take-out only. At the same time, the popular "Natural prawn oshizushi" released in May of this year will also be on sale for a limited time.

Seafood chirashizushi

Sushiro sells "Seafood Chirashizushi" with popular ingredients as a standard take-out limited item. The new "Seafood Chirashizushi" is made by cutting the ingredients into small pieces to make it look gorgeous, and you can enjoy various tastes and textures no matter where you eat. In addition to Sushiro's popular ingredients such as "pickled tuna," "salmon roe," and "salmon," "large shrimp," "hydrangea," and "steamed scallops" are served so that you can't see the rice. The price is 640 yen (tax included).

Sushiro "Seafood Chirashizushi"

Natural prawn sushi

Natural prawns are boiled in a pot and the taste is tightly confined. Each one is carefully made in the store, and the crispy texture of prawns, the rich umami of the shrimp, and the sourness of the shrimp are a perfect balance. The price is 970 yen, and the half size is 500 yen (tax included).

Sushiro "Natural prawn sushi"

* As this is a limited-time product, it will end as soon as it runs out.
* Sold only for take-out.
* The price including tax includes the container fee.
* Items and prices may differ at some stores.

"Seafood Chirashizushi" and "Natural prawn oshizushi" can also be delivered. Sushiro has introduced delivery services specialized in areas such as "Uber Eats", "Delivery Hall", "DiDi Food", "menu", and "Wolt". From July of this year, Sushiro's original delivery service "Sushiro's home delivery supported by Pick Go" will also be launched. One of the above delivery services is available at 463 Sushiro stores (as of September 7th).

Sushiro's home delivery supported by PickGo