"Jagarico salt and sesame oil flavor" convenience store precedent

Calbee's "Jagarico" brand will release "Jagarico Salt and Sesame Oil", which is characterized by its fragrant sesame oil flavor and moderate saltiness, on September 6th, ahead of convenience stores. For a limited time. It will be released on September 13th at stores other than convenience stores. Scheduled to be sold out in late March 2022. The estimated price is around 150 yen (tax included).

Jagarico salt and sesame oil flavor

"Jagarico salt and sesame oil flavor" is 100 items of "Jagarico" in 2016 (regular products, limited-time products, souvenir products since "Jagarico salad" and "cheese" released in 1995. This product was released for a limited time as a flavor (not included in the number of times it is released multiple times). The combination of fragrant sesame oil and a simple Japanese-style material with moderate saltiness was well received.

A taste that enhances the flavor of fragrant sesame oil with salt and then pulls it. When you open the cup, the scent of sesame oil spreads, and by using dried cabbage as the kneading ingredient, it is fun to look at and you can feel the moderate sweetness. You can enjoy the pleasant texture of "crispy at the beginning and crispy afterwards" with our unique manufacturing method, and it is recommended for snacks and snacks of sake.