Hotto Motto Grill "Tsukimi-yaki Carbonara" "Tsukimi Sauce Katsu BOX" "Teritama Grill Hamburger Plate" Tsukimi Series 2nd

"Tsukimi-yaki Carbonara," "Tsukimi Sauce Katsutoshi BOX," and "Teritama Grill Hamburger Plate" will be released on September 9th as the second part of the Tsukimi series, which looks like an egg with a hotto motto grill. * Not sold at Hotto Motto

Tsukimi-yaki Carbonara

The surface is baked in the oven, and the spaghetti with a crispy texture is topped with sweet baked cabbage, sprinkled with carbonara sauce and cheese sauce, and topped with bacon and grated cheese. You can enjoy the texture of spaghetti and the creamy taste of carbonara with hot balls and cheese. The price is 550 yen (tax included, same below).

Hotto Motto Grill "Tsukimi-yaki Carbonara"

Tsukimi sauce and BOX

A dish of rice topped with sauce and a salad of green leaves and red and yellow peppers. The rich sauce on the pork cutlet has a sour and sweet taste with brewed vinegar added to vegetables and fruits. When eaten with fried egg and mayonnaise, the acidity becomes mild and the rice goes on. The price is 560 yen.

Hotto Motto Grill "Tsukimi Sauce and Box"

Teritama grill hamburger plate

A fluffy juicy hamburger steak baked in the oven with teriyaki sauce and a fried egg. The sauce with garlic and black pepper has a sweet but light aftertaste. The price is 650 yen.

Hotto Motto Grill "Teritama Grill Hamburger Plate"