Ginza Renoir "Ham Egg Toast"

Cafe Renoir Cafe Renoir will offer the previously popular morning menu as a reprint "Ham Egg Toast" for a limited time from August 27th. The end time is undecided. The price is 100 yen (tax included) + drink fee. Service hours are from open to 12:00. You will need to order a drink.

Ham egg toast

The popular Morning Menu is now available as a reprint for a limited time! Up to 2 morning menus are offered for each drink ordered.

In addition, it is not available at the following stores.

[Coffee Room Renoir] Kanamachi Store, Hakone Yumoto Ekimae Store, Ebisu Daiichi Store, Ebisu East Exit Store, Kanda Awajicho Store, Otsuka Store, Shinkoiwa Store, Kichijoji Store

[Cafe Renoir] Meguro East Exit Ekimae Store, Kichijoji North Exit Store, Waseda Ekimae Store, Shibadaimon Store, Yokohama Motomachi Store