From "Taiwan Castella Soda" Cheerio

Cheerio Japan's "Taiwan Castella Soda" will be pre-sold on August 30th at Lawson and Lawson Store 100. From September 16th, it will be released sequentially at Cheerio vending machines in Chubu, Kansai, and Okinawa. The content is 430 ml and the price is open.

Taiwan Castella Soda

"Taiwan Castella Soda" is a new type of carbonated drink with the image of freshly baked fragrant Taiwanese castella. When you open the seal, you can feel the scent of eggs that rise softly when you bake Taiwanese castella. The fluffy and fluffy feeling when you eat a bite is expressed by gently popping carbon dioxide. A smooth and rich egg yolk flavor spreads throughout the mouth.

Taiwanese castella is a specialty of Taiwan's Tamsui, and is a sweet like castella in Japan. "Taiwan Castella" is also attracting attention because Taiwanese sweets have become a hot topic, led by the tapioca boom. This Taiwanese castella soda was created by a developer who loves fluffy food through trial and error. It is perfect as a "drinkable sweet" when you want to take a break with sweets.