Cat chef "Financier Chocolat Orange"

The new product "Financier Chocolat Orange" will be released on September 1st from the sweets brand "Neko Chef". For a limited time, it will end as soon as it runs out. The price is 1,188 yen (tax included) for 5 pieces.

Financier chocolate orange

Financier baked with orange peel and chocolate chips added to the dough mixed with Camembert. You can enjoy the refreshing scent of mellow Camembert and orange, and the texture of chocolate chips. Also pay attention to the cute paws that are popular in the standard product "Financier".

Cat chef "Financier Chocolat Orange"

In the package, a new character "Sophie" of the cat chef appears. You can enjoy exquisite sweets with the world view of a cute cat chef. It is recommended not only for sweets lovers but also for cat lovers.

Cat chef

A sweets brand with the concept of "harmony played by cheese and forest fruits". Cheese fruit burgers that use cheese and fruits luxuriously and cookies with a horohoro texture are being developed.

Cat chef burger set

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