MONTEUR "Adult Montblanc"

MONTEUR will release "Adult Mont Blanc", which has an adult flavor with rum, on September 1st. Handled at supermarkets nationwide. The estimated price including tax is 453 yen (496 yen for Okinawa only).

Adult mont blanc

Montblanc for adults has arrived with the idea that "I want you to easily enjoy a luxurious mood while spending a relaxing time at home." Sticking to the rich flavor of chestnuts, home-cooked marron bean paste made by blending Italian marron is blended in both cream and dough. By tailoring the milk cream with a modest sweetness, the flavor of chestnuts is enhanced.

Aged rum "Negri Talam" with a high aroma is added to the malon cream. While emphasizing the original flavor and sweetness of chestnuts, it is finished in a deep adult taste. When you put it in your mouth, the flavor of chestnut and the mellow aroma of rum spread, and you can enjoy a high-quality and authentic taste.

MONTEUR "Adult Montblanc"

"Adult Mont Blanc" where you can fully enjoy the popular chestnuts as a taste of autumn. It's a size that can be eaten separately, so it's perfect as a companion for your time at home.