McCafé by Barista "Black Honey Uji Matcha Frappe" "Uji Matcha Frappe"

The new autumn Japanese sweets drink "Kuromitsu Uji Matcha Frappe" will be released on September 1st at McCafé by Barista in McDonald's. Scheduled to be sold until mid-October (finished as soon as it runs out). The tax-included price is 490 yen for M size and 560 yen for L size.

Black honey Uji matcha frappe

We have developed a new frappe made with black honey as a limited-time product of the "Uji Matcha Series" so that you can enjoy the taste of matcha even more. "Uji Matcha Frappe", which is a combination of powder and milk made from Kyoto Uji Matcha, is combined with Kuromitsu Jelly, which uses black honey and brown sugar and is characterized by its elegant sweetness and richness, and smooth whipped cream with black honey flavor. I am. Finished with black honey sauce using Okinawan brown sugar. In order to enhance the flavor of mellow Uji matcha, we are particular about the balance between the elegant sweetness and aroma of black honey. A cup that you can enjoy various tastes and textures such as crispy Uji matcha frappe, creamy black honey flavored whipped cream, and plump black honey jelly.

McCafé by Barista "Kuromitsu Uji Matcha Frappe"

Uji Matcha Frappe

The popular regular product "Uji Matcha Frappe" is a matcha powder made from Uji matcha from Kyoto, topped with whipped cream and matcha powder based on a frappe with sweetness and richness added to the mouthfeel of milk. A Japanese-style frappe with a gorgeous appearance made of white whipped cream and dark green matcha powder. The tax-included price is 440 yen for M size and 490 yen for L size.

McCafé by Barista "Uji Matcha Frappe"