Endo bean paste "Zunda bean paste supervised by Zunda teahouse"

From Endo Anko, a new product "Zunda An Butter" supervised by Zunda Sweets specialty store "Zunda Saryo" will be released on September 1st. The content is 300g (10.58oz) and the price is 518 yen (tax included).

Supervised by Zunda Saryo Zunda An Butter

"Zunda An Butter, supervised by Zunda Saryo," is a spread that uses the nutrient-rich healthy seafood "edamame," which is a mixture of zunda paste made from carefully selected flavorful edamame. "Edamame" has the characteristics of beans and green and yellow vegetables, and contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals, making it a very nice spread.

By blending butter, it is smooth and easy to apply to bread, and you can apply it to freshly baked toast, or apply it to bread and then bake it to enjoy the aroma, and it goes well with toast. In addition, we pursued an exquisite balance with butter so that it would go well with rice cakes, ice cream, pancakes, etc. You can enjoy the flavorful taste of Zunda.

* The actual release date may differ slightly depending on the store.