Cow Cow Kitchen "Milk Pie Coffee"

"Cow Cow Kitchen Milk Pie Coffee" is on sale for a limited time from the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cow Cow Kitchen. The price is 280 yen for 1 piece and 1,680 yen for 6 pieces (tax included). The stores are Ekia Kitasenju store, Atre Akihabara 1 store, and LUMINE Omiya store.

Milk pie coffee

The long-awaited new coffee flavor that was unlikely! The milk cream, which is packed with the commitment of the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, is combined with mascarpone cheese based on fresh cream from Hokkaido to add milky richness and pursue the original taste of milk. In pursuit of a coffee balance that makes the most of the milk cream, we repeated trial production many times and arrived at a 2: 1 double cream golden ratio.

Cow Cow Kitchen A limited-time flavor that complements the milky cream of milk pie with the mellow aroma of coffee and allows you to enjoy a gentle harmony like cafe au lait. The mellow double cream that overflows is delicious enough for milk lovers.