Tohato "Salty Marron"

"Salty Marron" will be released as an autumn-only flavor of the Tohato cookie "Salty" series. It will be available nationwide from August 30th. The estimated price is 214 yen (tax included).

Salty Marron

Tohato "Salty Marron"

Salty is a series of cookies that have a strong umami and a mellow salty taste, and the ingredients are complemented by "Guérande's salt" from Brittany, France. Tohato's original manufacturing method is characterized by its crisp texture and unique texture that melts in your mouth.

The salty marron this time was baked with a Mont Blanc flavor by kneading Japanese chestnut paste into the dough and adding fresh cream. The rich taste of fresh cream is complemented by the salt of Guérande, which is used 13% in salt, and has a lingering taste. Contains 0.6% Japanese chestnut and 0.4% cream. Each package contains 10 pieces, and each piece has 48 calories.

In addition, "Harvest Sweet Potato", which is made by kneading sweet potato paste into the dough and baking it with the image of sweet potato with mellow sweetness, and "Harvest Sweet Potato", which is baked thinly with sweet potato sandwiched between the dough. "All sweet potatoes" are also on sale.