Italian tomato "Yamanashi Pione Granita"

A limited-time drink menu "Yamanashi Pione Granita" will be available for Italian tomatoes. It will be available nationwide from August 26th to October 27th. The selling price is 490 yen for regular size (tax included, same below) and 590 yen for large size.

Yamanashi Pione Granita

Granita is a frozen sweet that is popular in Italy as a summer staple. Various flavors of Italian tomatoes will be available for a limited time every month.

This "Yamanashi Pione Granita" is a cup made so that you can enjoy the refreshing aroma of Yamanashi pione and the firm fruit juice. The toppings are whipped cream, 3 kinds of berries and mint. When mixed with whipped cream, you can enjoy a creamy and mellow dessert sensation.

Available stores are "Italian Tomato Cafe Junior", "Italian Tomato Cafe Junior Plus", "Italian Tomato Cafe", "Cafe Superiore", "Caffe Italian Tomato", "Caffe Vigore", and "Kurami Coffee".