Hotto Motto Grill "Tsukimi Large Format Yakitori Don" "Tsukimi Green Onion Miso Katsudon"

"Tsukimi large-sized yakitori bowl" and "Tsukimi green onion miso katsudon" will be released on September 2 as the first "Tsukimi series" that looks like a hot ball on the grill.

Tsukimi large format yakitori bowl

A bowl of grilled chicken thighs and green onions, served on rice sprinkled with chopped seaweed, and sprinkled with yakitori sauce. By baking in a high-temperature oven, the taste of the meat is trapped and the sweetness of the green onions is brought out. The thick hot balls are entwined with the large-sized yakitori, adding depth to the taste.

Hotto Motto Grill "Tsukimi Large Format Yakitori Don"

The sauce is tailored differently in the east and west according to the taste of the area. In eastern Japan, the sweetness is modest by combining charred soy sauce and special soy sauce, and in western Japan, it is finished so that you can feel the sweetness along with the soy sauce flavor. The price is 650 yen (tax included). * Not sold at Hotto Motto

Tsukimi green onion miso katsudon

A bowl of pork cutlet with miso sauce and sprinkled with small green onions. The sauce is based on red miso and has a rich, sweet and spicy taste with the umami of bonito and kelp added with doubanjiang, oyster sauce and sesame oil. The miso sauce is soaked in the pork cutlet and rice, and you can enjoy the mellow taste when you eat it with hot balls. The price is 590 yen (tax included).

Hotto Motto Grill "Tsukimi Green Onion Miso Katsudon"