Tea boutique "Instant Hojicha Latte"

From the tea boutique, "Instant Hojicha Latte", which allows you to enjoy Hojicha like milk tea, has been well received and will be released this year as well. It will be on sale in limited quantities from August 27th. The content is 90g (3.17oz) (about 10 cups) and the price is 518 yen (tax included).

Instant roasted green tea latte

An instant drink that you can drink immediately by simply dissolving the powder in hot water. Karigane Hojicha powder from Kyoto prefecture is luxuriously used at 64%. The sweetness is modest so that you can enjoy the aroma of roasted green tea and the richness of milk. No fragrances, emulsifiers or artificial sweeteners are added, so you can enjoy the natural flavor of the ingredients.

In Kyoto, tea using the stem of green tea is called "Karigane tea", and tea made by roasting the stem is called "Karigane hojicha". It is also called "Kukicha" or "Kukicha". Kukicha is less astringent than leaf tea and has a refreshing taste.

Tea boutique "Instant Hojicha Latte"

Since it is not a stick-shaped package, you can adjust the strength of the drink to your liking. It can also be used as an ingredient in Japanese-style desserts such as "Hojicha latte Japanese-style tiramisu."

Tiramisu using tea boutique "Instant Hojicha Latte"

The package is designed with a checkered pattern, which is a standard Japanese pattern, in yellow and brown of roasted green tea latte, and gold that shines like gold leaf. The checkered pattern is considered to be an auspicious pattern that expresses prosperity and expansion in Japan because the pattern continues like a stone pavement without interruption.