Recipe for Soaked Yellow Bitter Melon! Bitter melon is delicious even when fully ripe! Even raw, it has little bitterness and comes out soft and tender!
When fully ripe and yellow, goya becomes slightly softer in texture and has a mellower bitter taste. It is easy to eat raw, so why not try making a simple soaked dish?
Material ( For 2 persons )
Ripe and yellowing bitter gourd one (object)
noodle soup Less than 1 tablespoon
sugar 1 teaspoon
soy sauce 1 teaspoon
katsuobushi proper quantity
Recipe for "Soaked Yellow Bitter Gourd

If you leave goya picked in your vegetable garden or bought at the supermarket for a while, it will ripen and turn yellow. You may be surprised at the completely different color, but ripe goya is also delicious! In fact, some people say it is easier to eat than green goya because it has less bitterness. This time, we will introduce a recipe for "soaked yellow bitter melon"!

Soaked yellow bitter melon


Here is what you need to prepare.

1 ripe and yellowed bitter gourd
Less than 1 tablespoon mentsuyu
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon soy sauce
A pinch of bonito flakes


Gently rinse goya in cold water so that it does not fall apart, cut in half, remove seeds and seeds inside, and cut into 3-4 mm pieces.

Recipe for "Soaked Yellow Bitter Gourd

In a bowl, combine mentsuyu, sugar and soy sauce.

Recipe for "Soaked Yellow Bitter Gourd

Cool in the refrigerator until the flavors have blended, then place in a bowl and sprinkle with bonito flakes. Done!

Recipe for "Soaked Yellow Bitter Gourd

How does soaked yellow bitter melon taste?

The texture is not as crispy and crunchy as the green goya before it ripens, but rather soft and crunchy. It soon falls apart, spreading its fresh juice, but the bitterness is quite mild, and the refreshing flavor goes well with the broth that it absorbs!

Recipe for "Soaked Yellow Bitter Gourd

Even raw, the bitterness is weak, and in fact, the ripe bitter melon even has a hint of vegetable sweetness. Before you know it, the green goya has turned yellow! In that case, try this easy-to-make soaked dish. However, be careful not to let the bitter melon get too ripe or it will rot.