7-ELEVEN "Orange Peel Maritozzo"
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We have compiled new arrivals of sweets and ice cream that will be released sequentially from August 24th at each 7-ELEVEN store. Click here for a lineup of attention such as "Rare cheese of oranges and jelly", "Chocolat fromage", and "Maritozzo of orange peel"!

* The handling status of each product varies depending on the region and store.
* It may be sold out early.

Mandarin and jelly rare cheese

7-ELEVEN "Rare cheese of oranges and jelly"

A cup dessert made by layering orange jelly on a light-tasting rare cheese mousse and adding tangerine pulp. The price is 218 yen (235.44 yen including tax).

Chocolat fromage

7-ELEVEN "Chocolat Fromage"

Baked chocolate cheesecake and chocolate cheese mousse, a cake that you can enjoy two layers of different textures. Whipped cream and crispy chocolate are the accents of the texture. The price is 228 yen (246.24 yen including tax).

Maritozzo with orange peel

7-ELEVEN "Orange Peel Maritozzo"

Maritozzo's new work is finished by sandwiching whipped cream with orange peel in brioche bread and squeezing a moderately sour berry sauce. The price is 230 yen (248.40 yen including tax).

Ankoro mochi made with red beans from Hokkaido

7-ELEVEN "Ankoro Mochi using red beans from Hokkaido"

Ankoro mochi is made from Hokkaido azuki beans and is wrapped in a chewy mochi dough. The price is 120 yen (129.60 yen including tax). Released on August 25th.

Dorayaki Maritozzo

7-ELEVEN "Dorayaki Maritozzo"

Dora-yaki that looks like the traditional Italian and Roman confectionery "Maritozzo". The fluffy baked dough is sandwiched between whipped cream and red bean paste. The price is 208 yen (224.64 yen including tax). Area limited sale in Tokyo / Kanagawa.

In addition, the list of newly arrived ice cream is as follows.

Morinaga Yuzu Sherbet 120 yen (129.60 yen including tax)
Three brothers ice bar using apples from Nagano prefecture 158 yen (170.64 yen including tax)
Lotte forbidden condensed milk ice bar 138 yen (149.04 yen including tax)
Akagi Milk Rare Chocolate 140 yen (151.20 yen including tax)
Futaba Dandy Strawberry 180 yen (194.40 yen including tax)
Lotte Coolish Belgian chocolate 140 yen (151.20 yen including tax)