Thirty One "Chocolate Mint"
The source of the image is the official website of Thirty One

From the goo ranking, "The most delicious! Thirty One's classic flavor ranking" has been announced. Under the theme of the popular ice cream chain "Thirty One Ice Cream", we will introduce the top 3 standard flavors that many people think are "the best!" (Aggregation period: June 3 to June 17) Day).

The most delicious! Thirty One's classic flavor ranking

3rd place "Chocolate Mint"

Thirty One "Chocolate Mint"

"Chocolate mint", which has a refreshing mint flavor and an exquisite balance of chocolate that melts in your mouth, is in third place. It has been on sale since 1974, when the first store in Japan opened, but when it was first released, the word "mint" was not well known and was annotated as "mint". After that, it gained the most popularity in 1976, and has been a regular of popular flavors since then.

2nd place "Strawberry cheesecake"

Thirty One "Strawberry Cheesecake"

"Strawberry cheesecake", which is a mixture of baked cheesecake using cream cheese and sweet and sour strawberry ribbon, is in second place. This is also one of the standard flavors that has been loved for many years since 1974.

It features a baked cheesecake piece with plenty of ice cream inside. Not only the luxurious texture and taste that you can enjoy ice cream and cake at the same time, but also the compatibility of cheesecake and strawberry is the reason for its popularity.

1st place "Popping Shower"

Thirty One "Popping Shower"

The "Popping Shower", which is a chocolate and mint-flavored ice cream studded with pop-rock candy, is proudly number one. The exquisite sweetness and exhilaration of chocolate mint and the stimulus of crackling candy are fun flavors.

Originally, it appeared in 2000 as a limited-time product named "Millennium". However, it was so popular that it sold out in just two weeks. From September 2002, it has been renamed to its current name and has been added to the standard flavor lineup. From 2008 to 2021, it is an overwhelmingly popular flavor that has been the number one seller for 13 consecutive years.