Aoyagi Sohonke "Kero Tozzo"

Now, the topic "Maritozzo". I tried to summarize the new works that appear one after another. Aoyagi Sohonke "Kero Tozzo" and Yamawaki Sangetsudo "Mochi Tozzo". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Maritozzo (cheese cream)

"Maritozzo (cheese cream) " will be released as a new flavor of the sweet "Maritozzo", which is a hot topic on TV and SNS from Yamazaki Baking (Yamazaki). You can purchase it at stores handling Yamazaki products such as supermarkets nationwide.

Yamazaki Baking "Maritozzo (Cheese Cream)"

Aoyagi Sohonke "Kero Tozzo"

It was announced on the official website that "Kero Tozzo " will be available for a limited time and only at stores from the Aoyagi Sohonke. "Frog Manju", which is often used as a souvenir from Nagoya, has been transformed into an Italian-born confectionery "Maritozzo".

Aoyagi Sohonke "Kero Tozzo"


"Japanese Maritozzo" and "Mochitozzo " will be on sale at the official online shop of the long-established kibi dango shop "Yamawaki Sangetsudo", which is celebrating its 140th anniversary.

Yamawaki Sangetsudo "Mochitozzo"

Ironeko Maritozzo

The new "Ironeko Maritozzo " is on sale from the bakery & cafe "Blue Jin" on the first basement floor of the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka. A cute Maritozzo that is irresistible for cat lovers.

Brugin "Ironeko Maritozzo"