Hidakaya "Tenshindon"
(All images are from Hidakaya official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Tenshindon" will appear as a limited-time menu from Hidakaya. It will be available from July 22nd. The selling price is 530 yen (tax included).

Hidakaya Tenshindon

Hidakaya "Tenshindon"

Hidakaya's Tianjin rice is cooked one by one in the store after receiving an order. The feature is that the rice is gently wrapped in a fluffy egg cooked in a wok with adjusted heat. Has been launched.

The ingredients used are meat soboro, condiment green onions, and crab-flavored kamaboko, making it a combination that emphasizes eating response. Hidakaya's special sweet and sour sauce with moist sweetness and refreshing acidity is used for the bean paste, and citrus juice is combined with grain vinegar and black vinegar, and the flesh of the hidden taste is added to make it rich. It is finished in a deep sauce.

In addition, business hours may be changed depending on the store due to priority measures such as declaration of emergency and prevention of spread. Details can be confirmed from the store search on the Hidakaya official website.