Mos Burger "Mixing Shake Ibaraki Prefecture Melon"

At Mos Burger in Ibaraki and Chiba prefectures, "Mixing Shake Ibaraki Prefecture Melon" using "Otome Melon" from Ibaraki Prefecture will be released on July 28 (excluding Ario Soga store and Tonari Ecute Tsukuba store). Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out.

Mix Shake Ibaraki Prefecture Melon

A product that combines moss shake vanilla with otome melon sauce using melon from Ibaraki prefecture. The rich yet refreshing sweetness of the melon sauce made from the melons harvested in June is combined with the vanilla shake to create a fragrant and fruity taste.

Mos Burger "Mixing Shake Ibaraki Prefecture Melon"

The tax-included price is 310 yen for S size and 380 yen for M size. If you add 100 yen to each set price, you can also choose it as a drink on the set menu.

Mix shake

Since last year, under the theme of "local love", as an initiative to support regional revitalization and local production for local consumption, "Mixing Shake" using regional specialties has been sold only in the region. Mos Burger Ibaraki Block joined the "Ibaraki Eating Movement Promotion Council" in 2017 to promote local production for local consumption in the prefecture, and has been working on local production for local consumption in cooperation with the Ibaraki Prefectural Government and moss cooperating farmers. As part of this "Mixing Shake Ibaraki Prefecture Melon", "Otome Melon" from Nagasu Farm in Hokota City, Ibaraki Prefecture is used.