Osaka King "Indiscriminate Super-class Top Reigning Bowl"
(All images are from the official website of the Osaka King)

It was announced on the official website that "Indiscriminate Super-class Top Reigning Bowl" will appear from the Osaka King. The heaviest item in the history of King Osaka, with a volume of 1,500g. It will be available for a limited time from July 23rd to September 5th. The selling price is 1,880 yen (tax included).

Indiscriminate super-class apex reigning bowl

Osaka King "Indiscriminate Super Class Top Reigning Bowl"

"Stadium" and "stamina rice" are hung, and it was developed so that you can enjoy "watching the house" of various summer sports with food. The crispy cutlet is combined with ginger-grilled pork, which has a rich ginger flavor. A soft egg sheet is placed on top of the cutlet and ginger, and it is tailored so that you can enjoy the change in taste and texture.

The volume is 1,500g, but the "device" in the rice is also hidden so that you can enjoy it until the end. It is designed so that you can share it with your family as well as alone and accompany you to "watch the game at home". You can arrange it freely.

You can also receive a "scratch card" by purchasing "Indiscriminate Super-class Top Reigning Bowl". Depending on the result of the scratch, you can use benefits such as one free cup of "Indiscriminate Super-class Top Reigning Bowl" and a 100 yen discount on your favorite menu.

Osaka King "Indiscriminate Super Class Top Reigning Bowl"

As a general rule, "Indiscriminate Super-class Top Reigning Bowl" is handled by Osaka Osho nationwide, but some stores are excluded. You will be instructed to contact the nearest store directly regarding availability. Please note that some stores have changed their business hours due to measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. Details can be confirmed from the official website.