Imuraya "Soybean Meat Man with 2 Pieces" No Animal Ingredients Used

Imuraya will release a frozen Chinese bun "2 pieces of soy meat bun" that does not use animal ingredients. From July 27th, it will be available at mass retailers, supermarkets, and the official online shop "Imuraya Web Shop" nationwide.

Imuraya 2 soybean meat buns

Imuraya "Soybean Meat Man with 2 Pieces" No Animal Ingredients Used

With the food crisis caused by the increase in the world population, the viewpoint of SDGs, and heightened health consciousness, the meat substitutes derived from plants are attracting attention, and Imuraya will introduce "Soy Meat Man" in 2020. After that, in response to a request to "do not use animal raw materials," the renewal was carried out this time. Since egg white is not used, it is 100% plant-based.

Imuraya "Soy Meat Man with 2 Pieces" No Animal Ingredients
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Several kinds of soy protein are put in the ingredients, and the texture like meat is reproduced. Furthermore, it is seasoned with the plant-derived bouillon "JiAi Vegetable Bouillon" from Imuraya, and the texture and umami of the vegetables are brought out with bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, and onions. The dough is characterized by the chewy texture of the two-stage fermentation method.

Imuraya "2 pieces of soy meat bun" without animal ingredients
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Convenient individually wrapped type that can be frozen stock. You can eat it just by warming it in the microwave in the package. Contains 2 Chinese steamed buns with a content of 100g (3.53oz). The best-by date is one year and the price is open.