Dom Dom hamburger "green onion ginger chicken tatsuta" "green onion salt lemon chicken tatsuta"

At each Dom Dom hamburger store, two types of "green onion-daku" burgers that are perfect for summer, "green onion-daku ginger chicken tatsuta" and "green onion-daku salt lemon chicken tatsuta," will be on sale from July 23. Both are for a limited time.

Leek ginger chicken tatsuta

"Negi-daku Ginger Chicken Tatsuta" is a burger sandwiched in buns with plenty of green onions on crispy and juicy young chicken Tatsuta fried. The green onions are tailored with fragrant ginger. The price is 420 yen (tax included, same below).

Green onion salt lemon chicken Tatsuda

"Negi-daku Shio Lemon Chicken Tatsuta" is a burger made by fried crispy juicy young chicken Tatsuta and plenty of green onions made with refreshing salt lemon. The price is 420 yen per item.

* The tax-included price is the same for both eat-in and To go.
* Not sold at the Ichihara Elephant Country store.