Recipe "soy milk pudding"

Make a snack with soy milk! Here are three "soy milk sweets recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "Soy milk pudding" and "soy milk and coconut milk panna cotta". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Soy milk lassi

It's super easy and you can make it right away! Easy recipe " soy milk lassi ".

Easy recipe "soy milk lassi"

The finish is smooth and smooth, and the flavor of soy milk spreads softly. You can enjoy it deliciously by sprinkling cinnamon powder or cardamom powder if you like. It's fluffy and responsive, so it's also recommended for replacement diets and breakfast on busy days. You can enjoy it more refreshingly by adding ice!

Soy milk pudding

A simple soymilk arrangement recipe " soymilk pudding ".

Recipe "soy milk pudding"

The appeal of simple pudding is that you can arrange it to your liking depending on the toppings. Put soybean flour and azuki beans on the pudding of adjusted soymilk for a Japanese-style finish. The mellow richness of soy milk goes well with the aroma of soybean flour and the mild sweetness of azuki beans.

Panna cotta with soy milk and coconut milk

A recipe for a simple dessert that does not use dairy products, " soy milk and coconut milk panna cotta."

"Soy milk and coconut milk panna cotta" recipe

Thanks to the deep richness of coconut milk, it is rich as if you were using fresh cream. It melts smoothly and spreads a sweet scent. Soy milk has a refreshing tropical flavor. Although it is rich, it can be eaten without becoming heavy.