Albrive "Hokkaido Kokouma Pudding Sapporo" and "Hokkaido Kokouma Pudding Hakodate

Hokkaido sweets maker "Albrive

Hokkaido Kokouma Pudding Sapporo" and "Hakodate Pudding" were encountered at a Hokkaido fair at a supermarket. These products are manufactured by Albrive, a Hokkaido sweets maker.

We compared the two puddings, which have the words "Sapporo" and "Hakodate" written in large letters on the bottles, and found that they apparently use different milk. Each is priced at 498 yen (tax not included).

Hokkaido Kokouma Pudding Sapporo

The bottle has a picture of the Sapporo Clock Tower, one of Sapporo's famous landmarks, and its history written on it. The description is as detailed as a sightseeing book, rather than a bottle design.

Albrive "Hokkaido Kokuma Pudding Sapporo

The pudding is made from milk and Hokkaido eggs produced at "Milk no Sato" in Higashi-ku, Sapporo. The pudding feels firm to the touch when you put a spoon into the jar. It is smooth and smooth in the mouth, just like custard cream. The mild richness of the egg and the milky richness of the milk blend together perfectly. It is much richer than I had imagined! The caramel at the bottom of the pudding has a bitter taste, and it brings out the mellow flavor of the pudding.

Albrive "Hokkaido Kokuma Pudding Sapporo

Hakodate Pudding

The word "Hakodate" is written on the bottle along with a dignified man. There is no explanation on the bottle, but it is probably Hijikata Toshizo, who is associated with Hakodate.

Albrive "Hakodate Pudding

The pudding is made with plenty of "Hakodate milk" collected from 33 contract dairy farms in Yakumo-cho, Nanae-cho, and Hakodate City. The appearance is darker yellow than Sapporo pudding. To be honest, there is no clear difference in taste, but the Hakodate one seems mellower. The sweet aroma that wafts through the nose is also rich.

Albrive "Hakodate Pudding

Both puddings have a rich flavor and are large in size (160g (5.64oz)), so they are very satisfying. I was able to fully enjoy the "rich flavor" produced by Hokkaido's bounty!

Albrive "Hokkaido Kokouma Pudding Sapporo" and "Hakodate Pudding