Albrave "Hokkaido Kokuuma Pudding Sapporo" "Hokkaido Kokuuma Pudding Hakodate"

"Hokkaido Kokuuma Pudding Sapporo" and "Hakodate Pudding" that I met at the supermarket Hokkaido Fair. This product is manufactured by the sweets maker "Albrave" in Hokkaido.

The pudding with the impressive letters "Sapporo" and "Hakodate" written on the bottle seems to use different milk. I ate and compared the two. The purchase price is 498 yen each (excluding tax).

Hokkaido Kokuuma Pudding Sapporo

On the bottle, a picture of "Sapporo Clock Tower", one of the famous places in Sapporo, and its history are written. Rather than designing a bottle, it is no longer a detailed explanation like a tourist book.

Albrave "Hokkaido Kokuuma Pudding Sapporo"

The pudding uses milk and Hokkaido spawning produced in "Milk Township" in Higashi-ku, Sapporo. The feel of putting a spoon is firm. It's smooth to the mouth and looks like custard cream. The mellow richness of the egg and the milky richness of the milk are exquisitely blended. Richer than I had imagined! The caramel on the bottom is bitter and tightens the mellow flavor of the pudding.

Albrave "Hokkaido Kokuuma Pudding Sapporo"

Hakodate pudding

A dignified man is written with the letters "Hakodate". There is no explanation for the bottle, but it is probably Hijikata Toshizo, who has a connection to Hakodate.

Albrave "Hakodate Pudding"

For the pudding, we use plenty of "Hakodate milk" collected from 33 contract dairy farmers in Yakumo, Nanae, and Hakodate. It looks darker yellow than Sapporo pudding. To be honest, I don't feel a clear difference in taste, but Hakodate has a more mellow impression. Rich sweet scent that fluffy through your nose.

Albrave "Hakodate Pudding"

Both puddings have a rich taste and are large in size (contents 160g), so they are delicious to eat. I fully enjoyed the deliciousness of "Kokuuma" produced by the blessings of Hokkaido!

Albrave "Hokkaido Kokuuma Pudding Sapporo" "Hakodate Pudding"