Simple recipe for "tofu nugget"

Children are overjoyed! Here are three "nugget recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Tofu nuggets" and "McDonald's chicken nuggets". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

McDonald's style chicken nuggets

A recipe for "McDonald's-style chicken nuggets " made using the popular "salad chicken" at convenience stores.

"McDonald's Chicken Nugget" Recipe

The crispy, light-tasting batter and the delicious taste of chicken that is full of gravy. Of course, it goes well with ketchup and mustard. If you use salad chicken, the meat is already cooked, so you can just bake the batter quickly, and you only need a small amount of oil. What a convenient menu, Motoi, salad chicken. Not only as a side dish, but also for lunch boxes!

Tofu nugget

Just add tofu for a surprisingly fluffy feel! A simple recipe for "tofu nuggets " that can easily increase bulk and reduce calories.

Simple recipe for "tofu nugget"

The batter is crispy and crispy, and the inside is soft and light, giving it a different taste than the usual nuggets. Not only freshly fried but also chilled nuggets have a stronger tofu flavor and are delicious! Enjoy with ketchup, barbecue sauce, dip sauce, etc. if you like!

Tuna tofu nugget

Just mix tuna cans and tofu and bake! A simple and healthy recipe for "tuna tofu nuggets " with a fluffy texture.

"Tuna tofu nugget" recipe

The surface is crispy and the inside is fluffy! The unique and mysterious texture will make you sick. The taste of tuna and the richness of tofu are effective, and it is delicious as it is without adding anything. It's okay to add ketchup or mayonnaise to a little junk. Recommended for lunch boxes and snacks for sake!