"Compota steamed bread" recipe

Fluffy, easy at home! Here are three "steamed bread recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. "Steamed buns with compota" and "steamed banana buns" with plastic bags. * Click each recipe link to jump to the detailed article page.

Steamed buns

Fluffy, soft and gentle sweetness. A recipe for "compota steamed buns " that is surprisingly easy to make.

"Compota steamed bread" recipe

The dough is fluffy when you bite it, and it's chewy when you chew it! Every time you sink your teeth, the gentle corn and egg flavors spread in your mouth. Sometimes the crispy corn grain feels good!

Okara steamed bread

A simple snack that utilizes a hot cake mix. " Okara steamed bread " recipe.

"Okara steamed bread" recipe

The fluffy mouthfeel, the moist and sticky texture at the moment of chewing, and the chewy texture are the best! The soft sweetness of soy milk that spreads softly in your mouth is simple and irresistible!

Banana steamed bread

Perfect for making snacks with small children! A recipe for "banana steamed bread " made by rubbing the ingredients in a plastic bag.

"Banana steamed bread" recipe

Steamed bread with a chewy texture that slightly spreads the sweetness of bananas. Leaving a little banana flesh when kneading will add a thick texture to the steamed buns.