Sukiya "Sichuan Mapo Don" Yokohama Chinese restaurant series new product

At Sukiya, "Sichuan Mapo Don" will be released on July 14th as a new product in the Yokohama Chinese restaurant series. You can also take it home. The end date of sales is undecided.

Sichuan Mapo Don

A new product of the "Yokohama Chuka Hanten Series", where product developers specializing in China develop products that combine Sukiya and authentic Chinese food. Sukiya's original mapo tofu seasoned with soybean paste, tianmian sauce, soybean sauce, and Aoyama pepper, which has a refreshing citrus scent. In addition to hot tofu and minced meat, crispy bamboo shoots are added to the ingredients to add fun to the texture. The spicy spiciness stirs your appetite. If you like, you can sprinkle Sukiya's special Hua Jiao spice on it to enjoy the spiciness and gorgeous scent.

The price is 580 yen for regular serving and 610 yen for large serving (tax included). * Large size rice is large. The amount of ingredients does not change.

Introduced mobile order at Sukiya. With the Sukiya official app, you can order products and check out on your smartphone, so you can reduce the amount of time you spend at the store and contact with employees.