Sukiya "Salmon Okra Gyudon Bento"

At Sukiya, "Salmon Okra Gyudon Bento" will be released on July 14th as a new product of "SUKIMIX", a new type of beef bowl lunch. The price is 520 yen for mini, 580 yen for regular serving, and 710 yen for large serving (tax included).

Salmon okra beef bowl lunch

"SUKI MIX", which has been on sale since April and has become a hot topic, is a new type of gyudon bento that you can eat by mixing beef bowl and side dishes with a spoon. SUKIMIX's new product "Salmon Okra Gyudon Bento" is a combination of salmon, crispy okra, and Sukiya's special Meita Mayo.

Sukiya "Salmon Okra Gyudon Bento"

The salmon uses salmon loosening without preservatives or colorings, which brings out the original taste of salmon by rubbing salt against the scales and releasing excess water. Meita Mayo adds a spicy accent to the delicious salmon and sticky okra. It is also recommended to add mellowness with Ontama (80 yen).

* "Shrimp chili beef bowl lunch" and "bibimbap beef bowl lunch" will continue to be sold.
* "Japanese Tororo Gyudon Bento" and "Ome Sausage Gyudon Bento" are sold out.
* Can be heated in a microwave oven.
* You can also eat and drink in the store.
* The end of sales is undecided.