Kirfebon "Peach and Vanilla Mousse Tart"

"Peach Week", where you can enjoy plenty of seasonal peaches, will be held from July 21st to July 27th at each Kirfebon store. A peach-making event for only one week in a year.

Peach Week

An event featuring fresh and sweet juice and melting peaches. Juicy peaches grown in plenty of summer sunshine are made into eight types of tarts.

Peach and vanilla mousse tart

Kirfebon "Peach and Vanilla Mousse Tart"

A cute tart inspired by Peach Melba. Raspberry jam is layered on a layer of peach and vanilla mousse to decorate with fresh peaches. Accented with sweet and sour raspberry jam, combined with fresh peach scent and mildly sweet vanilla. The price is 918 yen per piece (tax included, same below), hall (25 cm) 9,180 yen.

Peach and summer fruit tart

Kirfebon "Peach and Summer Fruit Tart"

A crispy tart dough filled with gently sweet custard, summer fruits, peaches, plums, framboise, and more. The price is 993 yen per piece and 9,936 yen for the hall (25 cm).

Peach and tropical fruit tart

Kirfebon "Peach and Tropical Fruit Tart"

A tart with plenty of tropical fruits full of peaches and juice. Enjoy with a light-tasting cream with coconut-flavored cream layered on custard. Accented with the tropical scent of plenty of fruit jam applied to the sponge. The price is 972 yen per piece and 9,720 yen for the hall (25 cm).

Peach shortcake tart

Kirfebon "Peach Shortcake Tart"

A peach tart with the image of a shortcake. A fluffy and gentle sweet cream and sponge are layered on top of each other, and the peaches that have been cut into large pieces are decorated. You can enjoy the refreshing scent of hidden lemon peel, the scent of flavorful vanilla and the combination of juicy peaches. The price is 842 yen per piece and 8,424 yen for the hall (25 cm).

Peach and Zunda tart

Kirfebon "Peach and Zunda Tart"

Zunda (edamame) is sweetly boiled in a beer that goes well with it, spread on a tart, and combined with rich soy milk mousse. In the image of zunda mochi, a chewy texture is added, and a juicy and sweet scented peach is added to the finish. The price is 799 yen per piece and 7,992 yen for the hall (25 cm).

Peach and yogurt tart

Kirfebon "Peach and Yogurt Tart"

A tart of fresh, juicy peaches combined with refreshing yogurt mousse and peach cream. You can enjoy the fruit juice and sweet scent that fills your mouth. The price is 864 yen per piece and 8,640 yen for the hall (25 cm). * At the Grand Front Osaka store, "Kanechika peach" from Kishiwada, Osaka is used.

Peach tart

Kirfebon "Peach Tart"

A tart made by stuffing a butter-flavored kneaded pie with custard cream and putting seasonal peaches with plenty of sweet juice. The price is 820 yen per piece and 8,208 yen for the hall (25 cm). * Sizes from 15 cm to 21 cm are also available.

Peach and cheese tart

Kirfebon "Peach and Cheese Tart"

A tart made by laying peach jam on a moist baked cheese souffle and putting sweet and sour cream on it. It is a very popular tart that combines chewy cream, freshness of peaches, and rich cheese flavor. The price is 842 yen per piece and 8,424 yen for the hall (21 cm).

Holding store:
All Kirfebon stores (Grand Maison Ginza / Tokyo Sky Tree Town Solamachi store / Aoyama / Yokohama / Shizuoka / Hamamatsu / Grand Front Osaka store / Kyoto / Fukuoka / Sendai)