Gyoza no Ohsho "Stamina Mala Sauce Yakisoba"

A limited-time menu "Stamina Mala Sauce Yakisoba" will be available from the Gyoza no Ohsho. It will be available for one month from July 1st. The selling price is 700 yen (tax included, same below) for in-store food and drink.

Stamina Mala Sauce Yakisoba

Gyoza no Ohsho "Stamina Mala Sauce Yakisoba"

Tailored with plenty of hormones and a special mala sauce with a numbing spiciness that stimulates your appetite. A spicy dish with fried garlic toppings as an accent. The noodles are made from Hokkaido flour. It is said that you can take it home in a microwave oven-compatible container and enjoy the taste of the store hot.

In addition to single items, fair sets are also available. You can order "Fairset A" with stamina mala sauce yakisoba with 3 dumplings and almond tofu for 870 yen, and "Fairset B" with 3 dumplings, rice (small) and soup for 920 yen. You can also add 3 dumplings to each fair set for an additional 110 yen.

Furthermore, except for the stores in Hokkaido, the additional dumplings can be changed to garlic dumplings. It will increase by 33 yen in western Japan and 22 yen in eastern Japan.

As a general rule, stamina mala sauce yakisoba is handled at "Gyoza no Ohsho" and "GYOZA OHSHO" nationwide. However, some stores are not eligible.