KKD "Muchimochi Uji Matcha Mont Blanc" "Yuzu Panna Cotta" "Azuki Uji Matcha Latte"

At Krispy Kreme Donuts (KKD), the donuts "Muchimochi Uji Matcha Mont Blanc" and "Yuzu Panna Cotta" and the drink "Azuki Uji Matcha Latte", which combine Japanese ingredients as a "JAPAN x SWEETS STORY" promotion, will be available for a limited time from July 14th. It will be sold at (excluding some stores and event / special event stores).

Muchimochi Uji Matcha Mont Blanc

A luxurious dish that combines Japanese ingredients with donuts inspired by the classic French sweet "Mont Blanc". Uji matcha cream is squeezed all around in a sticky dough that is kneaded with stone milled Uji matcha. Finally, by topping with Amanatto from Hokkaido, a warm Japanese sweetness is added. When warmed, the unique chewy texture increases, and the matcha flavor of the cream with a nice texture is further deepened. The tax-included price is 270 yen (eat-in 275 yen).

KKD "Muchimochi Uji Matcha Mont Blanc"

Yuzu panna cotta

A donut that combines the citrus "Yuzu" loved in Japan and the Italian-born "Panna Cotta". A smooth panna cotta-style cream is put in a ring donut, and a napage containing fresh domestic yuzu juice is layered. The topping of yuzu peel is a refreshing sour accent. You can also enjoy the cool look of the openwork pattern, which is inspired by Japanese sweets. The tax-included price is 270 yen (eat-in 275 yen).

KKD "Yuzu Panna Cotta"

Azuki Uji Matcha Latte

A Japanese dessert drink that excites you with the beautiful cloud pattern that is created the moment you pour Uji matcha. Milk is layered on azuki bean sauce from Hokkaido, and it is finished with the rich aroma of Uji matcha. A cup to enjoy the simple sweetness of azuki beans and the refreshing harmony of matcha. The tax-included price is 486 yen (eat-in 495 yen).

KKD "Azuki Uji Matcha Latte"