Recipe for "Nanbanzuke of summer vegetables".

Gorgeous dining table! Here are three "paprika recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and were delicious. * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Nanban pickles of summer vegetables

The natural sweetness of vegetables, the umami of mentsuyu, and the aroma of sesame oil are added to the deliciousness of the noodles. Recipe for " Nanbanzuke of summer vegetables".

Recipe for "Nanbanzuke of summer vegetables"

Hokuhoku pumpkin, Tron and soft eggplant, sticky okra, crispy and fresh paprika, and a different texture for each bite is fun! The slight acidity of vinegar brings together the taste neatly. You may like it when making sauce, but add a little to make it more refreshing.

Ethnic stir-fried peppers and paprika

Colorful and gorgeous! A recipe for " ethnic stir-fried peppers and paprika " using peppers and paprika.

"Ethnic stir-fried peppers and paprika" recipe

Juicy bird thighs with green peppers that remain crispy and fresh. The fluffy scent of nam pla is a nice accent, giving it a refreshing taste.

Peppers and fried miso soup

Also for pepper consumption! A simple recipe for "green pepper and fried miso soup " that gives you a crispy texture.

Simple recipe for "green pepper and fried miso soup"

Peppers with a moderate texture are also very useful as an ingredient in miso soup! If you don't have paprika, you can make it with only peppers and it will be delicious. You can eat about 7 peppers with a sip, so it is also recommended when you want to eat plenty of vegetables.