Matsunoya Matsunoya "Great Value Bento Week"

At Matsunoya Matsunoya, "Great Value Bento Week" will be held from 3:00 pm on June 30th to 3:00 pm on July 7th (excluding some stores).

Great lunch Week

One week is the limit Lunch box

Based on the questionnaire conducted on Matsunoya's official Twitter account, a night-only "Yabai Night Bento" was created with Matsunoya fans nationwide. This time, the sales time will be "all day" and it will be revived. The "Service Tonkatsu Set Meal Bento", which is too cheap and "one week is the limit", is generous and the price is 390 yen (tax included, the same applies below).

Matsunoya Matsunoya "Great Value Bento Week"

Tartar crispy fried rice bowl lunch

"Crispy fried chicken" that makes "Parisjuwat" addictive is re-appearing in a lunch box for the first time in a bowl. Crispy fried chicken with crispy black pepper and juicy chicken is combined with a popular classic sauce with plenty of flavorful herbs. The price is 590 yen.

1 fried shrimp present

Matsuya's proud "Big Fried Shrimp", which you can enjoy the crispy texture of shrimp, will be presented as a gift for a limited time only. The target menu is the assorted set meal "Rose Katsushi & Fried Shrimp Set Meal" and "Large Fillet & Fried Shrimp Set Meal".

Matsunoya Matsunoya "Great Value Bento Week"

Chicken fillet & fried shrimp set meal

"Chicken & Fried Shrimp Set Meal" is back for a limited time.

Set meal lunch limited rice large serving free

For Matsunoya rice, we select rice that matches the pork cutlet, and 100% domestically produced blended rice that is particular about the balance of "fragrance, umami, elasticity, and stickiness" is used. The original sauce made by aging 12 kinds of spices and vegetables / fruits, the fried food that we are proud of, and the rice go great together. During the period, a large serving of rice of +60 yen will be 0 yen.