Ministop "Uma Spicy Frank"

At each Ministop store, the new product "Uma Spicy Frank" from the "Yamitsu Kitchen" series will be on sale from June 25th. The price is 140 yen (tax included).

Uma Spicy Frank

"Umami Frank" is a frankfurter that has a delicious taste in spiciness, finished with fermented seasonings "Kanzuri" and "red wine". It is an unprecedented product that you can feel the flavor of "Japanese" with the subtle freshness of yuzu and the mellowness of Jiuqu, which are the characteristics of "Kanzuri".

Ministop "Uma Spicy Frank"

You can enjoy the change in taste by eating with ketchup and mustard from the middle as it is at the beginning. Frankfurt, which is not only spicy but also rich in umami, has an addictive taste that makes you addicted once you eat it. Recommended for snacks and snacks.

"Kanzuri" is a seasoning made by exposing salted chili peppers to the snow to remove the shavings, adding yuzu and jiuqu, and aging and fermenting them repeatedly for 3 years. Especially in the Niigata region, it has been popular for a long time.